Immune formula: Boost


Immune formula: Boost

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Researched and developed by a Team of Nutrition and Healthcare specialists, under the lead of the Club Health Founder & Clinical Director, Luis Ribeiro, Healthlab is our own line of bespoke, high-end nutritional supplements and solutions to match our clients’ busy lifestyles, to help them perform at 100% of their potential.

All Healthlab formulas are made of the finest quality ingredients, sourced by trusted, certified manufacturers in the UK. Our supplying chain ensures a wide spectrum of highly bioavailable natural nutrients, used in appropriate doses for the intended usage.

Healthlab solutions are free of additives, allergens, GMO substances, and gluten. The Boost formula is designed to strengthen your immune system and futureproof your body.

Please consume your supplements responsibly and always maintain a healthy and balanced diet. For more details, click on “Suggested Use”.


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Nutrition Facts

nutrition facts

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules daily as required, or as advised. Remember, your supplements should always be part of a healthy and varied diet that suits your needs and lifestyle. Please consult our Nutritionists and Practitioners if you have any questions.

Warning: Do not use if under the age of 18, or if the safety seal is broken. Always consult with a medical practitioner prior to use of this, or any other dietary supplements. Discontinue immediately if any adverse effects occur and contact your healthcare practitioner.