ClubHealth Building


Club Health is a multidisciplinary space in the heart of London, focused on body health and longevity. It’s a place where the body can heal, the mind can rest, and the soul can recharge. The Clinic offers an array of high-end, personalised services such as Physiotherapy, Rehab Training, Remedial Massage Therapy and Clinical Pilates aiming to heal different parts of your body and improve your overall lifestyle.

Your Journey at CH begins with a consultation to discuss and evaluate your needs and targets, as well as assess your body condition to have a well-rounded, detailed diagnosis. Following the assessment, our Team of Practitioners, lead by our Clinical Director, tailor a bespoke Plan of Care to help you materialise your goals.

We work with people of all ages, who want to transform their lives and have an active, balanced lifestyle. Whether you are already faced with body imbalances and injuries, or seeking to give your body the attention it needs to reach its full potential, Club Health is the place to be.

ClubHealth Building


Luis Ribeiro is the Founder and Clinical Director of Club Health, and one of UK’s leading Physiotherapists. Luis is passionate about transforming people’s lives, by helping them improve their wellbeing and longevity.

With a sports background, as a former Professional Footballer and Football Physiotherapist, Luis’ vision has been to change the notions, beliefs and thinking around Physiotherapy and wellness.

Unlike the industry norm, Luis likes to evaluate each Patient case individually, moving away from fixing complex problems with one-dimensional fixes. Using a manual, hands-on approach and implementation of broad postgraduate skills, Luis seeks for a complete treatment plan, using clinical reasoning and muscular movement systems to not only treat the problem, but also prevent it from recurring.

Luis’ signature method has made him one of the most sought-after Medical Practitioners, not only in London, but also in Riyadh, Dubai, New York and Miami.

While Luis is the consummate professional and the reason Club Health came to life, he is not alone in his pursuit to reimagine Physiotherapy. He has put together a team of experienced, passionate professionals that share the same vision. Walking into Club Health you know that staff members have your back and will do anything to put together a personalised plan that will address your needs. From Pilates Instructors, to the Clinic Manager, everyone is accessible and ready to help.

“Being healthy and operating at a high level is a way of life; it’s a set of behavioural patterns and habits that become the foundation of a life worth living.” Luis Ribeiro, Clinical Director. Learn more about our Approach & Philosophy here.

ClubHealth Building


Club Health is a hub where people can service their existence in totality. The space itself was designed and built with careful consideration to our Patients, ensuring privacy and tranquillity.

The rooms are like recharging stations, little getaways from our chaotic routines. They allow you to get in tune with your body, listen to what it has to say, work on it, service and maintain it.

Our Clinic is based in Chelsea, London, while our Practitioners are available for home visits in the UK and abroad.