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The Club

Club Health is a place where the body can heal, the mind can rest and the soul can recharge. Hidden in the hustle and bustle of Chelsea, the Club houses a wide variety of practices that serve a common goal: elevate and improve your lifestyle.

From personal training and physiotherapy, to nutrition and health coaching, the Club understands the human need for a versatile and diverse approach to a healthy lifestyle.

ClubHealth Building


How did the Club come about, you ask? Through years upon years of hard work and dedication. The brainchild of experienced physiotherapist Luis Ribeiro, the Club came as the natural progression to a dream and vision that has been clear since day one.

The goal has always been the creation of a hub, a space where people can service their existence in totality and understand the importance of a consistent lifestyle.

Starting from a single room just offering physio treatments, Luis was able to create a Club that is now staffed with professionals from different disciplines and backgrounds, forming a formidable team that can address all wellness areas

The Space

The space itself was designed and built with careful consideration to our Patients. The rooms are like recharging stations, little getaways from our chaotic routines. They allow you to get intune with your bodies, listen to them, work on them, service and maintain them.