The Rooms

The Clinic offers an array of services, aiming to heal different parts of your body.

ClubHealth Physiotherapy


Most people perceive physiotherapy as the way to combat physical discomfort and pain. Whilst that’s true, physiotherapy means something different at the Clinic. Sessions involve a lot of conversation. The patient is asked to be part of the process instead of simply laying down.

We want to connect with patients, understand their routines, what their body goes through and what it needs. Connection and trust between practitioner and patient is paramount during the treatment. The body needs to trust in order to let go. Our goal is not to fix what’s broken but rather build something that can’t be broken.

ClubHealth Rooms Physiotherapy

Remedial Massage Therapy

A combination of stretching and deep tissue manual work, Remedial Massage Therapy aims to trace the original reason for any pain you feel in your body.

The therapist takes time to explore the areas where the problem might have trickled down to and applies the necessary pressure to address the issue.

The most obvious benefits of this treatment are the stimulation of the blood supply, increased joint mobility, and the repair of damaged tissues. Treating your body wins you the battle but understanding it will win you the war.

Our practitioners will give you tips and secrets on how to avoid injuries and aches and educate you to understand what your body is trying to tell you.

ClubHealth Rehab Room

Rehab Room

Strength and conditioning is no longer an athlete’s prerogative. Regardless of age, sex or occupation, the benefits of working out are unquestionable.

The body needs to move, flow, and operate at high capacity, pushing its limits. Our Rehab Room and practitioners offer anything and everything you will need to activate your muscles and make your body feel alive again.

ClubHealth Rooms Nutrition


It seems like there’s a new ‘miracle’ diet every week. At the Clinic, we don’t believe in miracles and trends, we believe in knowledge, data, hard work, discipline and patience.

Our nutritionists create personalized plans based on the needs of each patient and they lay the groundwork and foundation to build a body that’s as fit and aesthetic on the inside as it is on the outside.

We can’t stress the importance of a healthy diet enough. Think of food as the fuel and your body is the car. Tyres, engines, and leather seats mean nothing without high-quality fuel. Let us help you get on the open road.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a training method based on the principles of flexibility, muscular strength and endurance.

The discipline emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.

Clinical Pilates essentially acts as an all-around body shield, building a veil of protection for minor injuries and spine discomforts. Introducing Clinical Pilates into your life is an excellent way of strengthening and preserving your body.

The Clinic offers guidance and assistance for beginners and experienced patients alike.

ClubHealth Clinical Pilates
ClubHealth Rooms Yoga


Yoga is a stretching-first discipline that mostly takes place in meditative surroundings. It focuses on stress relief, breathing and the ability to give your body and joints full range of motion, and functional mobility.

Spending hours in front of the laptop, the TV or the steering wheel, puts our bodies under duress, clogging joints and muscles. Can you imagine living your whole life, never knowing what it feels like to use your body to its full capacity? With yoga at the Clinic, you’ll get your body back.

ClubHealth Rooms Health

Health Coaching

Doing Pilates, or Yoga, or Gym training in isolation will see fragmented results.

The most common reason people quit their attempts at a healthy lifestyle is that they don’t see the results they were hoping for.

The only way to see results is putting the pieces together. Enter Health Coaching. One of our most premium and well-known services, Health Coaching is an action plan, a strategy of how to link and interconnect the various parts of your new life so you can have an optimum result.

Diet, Yoga, Pilates and all of the other things you used to do on and off now become cogs to a well-oiled machine.

ClubHealth Rooms Academy


The Clinic is not a place where you simply come in, get treated and leave. Clinic Health is a social hub, a meeting point for people who value health and wellbeing.

Our Academy consists of seminars, classes and events held at the Clinic or online. What we want is to build a community, and cultivate a sense of belonging.

Clinic Health is your home away from home and our doors are always open.

ClubHealth Rooms Oxygen

Oxygen Therapy (coming soon)

Let’s make this clear: the Clinic will always be a project under construction.

We never settle, we’re never satisfied and we’ll always strive to bring you the most advanced methodologies and therapies available.

Oxygen therapy is one of them and what you can expect is a treatment that battles low blood oxygen, carbon monoxide toxicity and cluster headaches amongst others.

ClubHealth Rooms Compression

Compression Therapy (coming soon)

Another one to be excited for is compression therapy.

Regularly used by elite athletes, this treatment increases blood flow activity in the lower limbs.