The Clinic offers an array of high-end services, from world-class practitioners, aiming to heal different parts of your body.

ClubHealth Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy is often associated with injuries, rehab or physical pain. At Club Health, our Physiotherapy Treatments are a way for the body to find answers to its needs.

Diagnosis is the key to our treatment approach. During your consultation, we will take you through a thorough analysis of your health and lifestyle, to create a Plan of Care that will holistically address your goals and needs.

Whether you are struggling with long term back pain, recovering from surgery or wanting to prevent future injuries, we can help.

Our Physiotherapy Treatment Room is where we build bodies that can withstand the test of time. Each session allows you to acquire the tools necessary to increase your overall quality of life and achieve long-lasting results.

Much more than just treating symptoms, the Club Health approach targets and resolves issues before they arise, resulting in a better, stronger, healthier you.

ClubHealth Rooms Physiotherapy


Our personalised rehabilitation plans and the Club Health Rehab space are designed to allow you to work towards your wellness targets, recover from injuries or simply stay in shape whilst living your best life. We specialise in movement science and Sports Medicine.

Our team of certified fitness and rehab specialists will guide you through a series of functional movement screens to assess your mobility and use that information to prescribe mobility and stability exercises to accelerate recovery, mitigate postural syndrome-related pain, and decrease injury risk.

One of our Physiotherapists will consult with you and your Rehab Therapist to ensure your Plan of Care addresses your specific goals and needs.

ClubHealth Rehab Room


Clinical Pilates at Club Health follows the original ethos of the Clinic, aiming to teach you to quite literally control every inch of your body. We recommend booking some private sessions to help you understand your body, its balances, perhaps more importantly its imbalances, and how to make Clinical Pilates work for you.

We pride that our approach to Clinical Pilates is one of a kind. With our signature 1-to-1 sessions in our innovative, light-filled Pilates studios and using a combination of principles of traditional Pilates with a new and dynamic technique, Club Health Pilates delivers the perfect combination between a sculpted and balanced physique.

With a focus on body balance, wellbeing and positivity, Club Health’s Pilates sessions are the best in London for a full-body restoration.

The clinic’s Practitioners, will guide you through a workout that’s tough, but undeniably beneficial.

ClubHealth Rooms Nutrition


Club Health offers an array of bespoke treatments aiming to relieve stress, realign the body and protect it from future injuries. Remedial Massage Therapy and ADJUST are two of the most sought after remedies at CH.

Remedial Massage Therapy combines stretching and deep tissue manual work, in order to trace the original source for any pain you are experiencing.

Our practitioner explores the areas where the problem might have occurred and applies the necessary pressure to address the issue.

The most direct benefits of this treatment are the stimulation of the blood supply, increased joint mobility, and the repair of damaged tissue.

ADJUST is a CH Signature Method that involves stretching and massage techniques to balance and de-stress the body and mind. These treatments have been specially curated by Luis, the CH Founder, to mirror the Clinic’s core beliefs.

Designed to address each Patient’s needs and treat their weaknesses in sessions of 25 or 55 minutes, ADJUST is the ideal treatment for people leading a hectic lifestyle. ADJUST can be applied both for rehabilitation and injury prevention, as re-aligning the body is at the core of this therapy.

Treating yourself to a nice relaxing massage after a stressful week is one thing; but to have a true impact on your wellbeing, the treatment should directly address your imbalances and maintain perfect function. Our hands can do that.

Our Clinic offers specialised Treatments, including High Power Laser Therapy, 3D Print Custom Orthotics and Domiciliary Visits
(domestic & overseas).

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